Friday, November 23, 2007


I wish the pages were in order, because I had to go over and read it twice before class. The USA, Australia, Monaco, and Liechtenstein was not in the Kyoto Protocol. As of December 11, 1997, the Kyoto Protocol had two important things: one was the greenhouse emission that targets the developed countires. The second thing was to trade value in money of $10 billion and the trading of the six most important greenhouse gases. 2008-2012 is the first target of treaty, which the carbon budget of 8 percent less in 1990 in the European Union. Which the United States is one of the 7% less. Australia, has a 8% greater budget. Ninety percent of Australia's electricity is genarated by burning coal. Here are some of the so-called developing nations; Korea, China, India, and Brazil. the developing nations were not bound by it, yet it proved to be an outstanding accomplishment in tackling the danger presented by the ozone hole.

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