Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let's Talk Trash!

* Fresno Country recycling directory

*Public Education
Teachers in public and private schools throughout Fresno County can request solid waste educational assistance with classroom presentations, tours of the American Avenue Landfill, teachers workshops, and other resources, free of charge. Literature addressing a variety of ways to manage solid waste is available to the public upon request. Speakers are also available to address civic and community groups regarding solid waste issues.For additional information, contact the Resources Division at 262-4259.

Located approximately five miles southwest of the City of Kerman and is 440 acres. It is estimated that the landfill will be able to continue operation until 2031 when it will be full and will have to be closed.



*Local Enforcement Agency
The purpose of the Fresno County Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) is to protect the health, safety and well-being of the public and to preserve and improve the quality of the environment by assuring proper storage and disposal of solid waste; to minimize the presence of vectors related to solid waste handling and disposal methods; and to respond to public complaints relating to the accumulation, storage, collection, processing and disposal of solid waste in Fresno County.



E-Waste in India - Short documentary

UC Davis NewsWatch: Landfill Gas I

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