Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Global Warming

I found this article on the Fresno Bee website. This article talks about global warming and effects that are happening right now all around the world. At the rate of increasing global temperatures, at this time, it can cause major extinctions in 30 percent of the Earth's species. What is happening is that temperatures are rising everywhere in which certain species are not capable of evolving or adapting to the environment as quickly as it is changing. Different habitats around the world are being altered by the weather with increasing temperatures that it is changing the habitats completely. Some examples of the start of extinction in some species that this article gives are: over 3000 bats called the flying foxes have dropped dead from trees in Australia and butterflies have gone extinct in the Apls. because of the extreme increase in weather. It is evident that global warming is happening right now and it is a treat to different species all around the world.

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