Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In class we have been talking a lot about how to recycle more efficiently. I thought this article was really interesting because provides a lot of tips on how to recycle almost anything. It supplies plenty of resources to contact to get rid of old vehicles, batteries, oil, other chemicals, phones, clothes, electronic devices, glasses, lights, food, books, art supplies, newspapers, paint, boxes, bags, carpet, plastic, peanuts, pans, envelopes, smoke detectors, Styrofoam, videotapes, even wire hangers. These are just a few of the examples this article lists.
I wouldn’t think about how to recycle most of these things and without easy access to a solution I would probably get rid of it without thinking about the effects on the environment. I think this is the case for most people and without widely available information and awareness this problem of waste will not improve. I realize recycling is expensive but if we find other ways to reuse products or find other people who can, we can each do our part to save the world.

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