Sunday, December 9, 2007

Local Food Have Impact Beyond Kitchen Table

Read, listen, or watch the story of locally grown food and the impact it's having on society and their choice to buy locally grown rather than in supermarkets at This is an interesting story of how society as a whole are making a movement to support local farmers and buy locally grown foods because the closer to home you can get it, the better it seems to taste. This is the opinion of most of the consumers in this story, and frankly, I agree. I would much rather buy food that is locally grown and know exactly what went into growing it and where it came from exactly, then not know any of the above. Check out this story and maybe you'll to think twice the next time you're at the grocery store.

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Mary Scott said...

I aggree. I always try to buy locally. During the summer I go to the Clovis Farmers Market and I but all my produce there. I am also aware of where things are from in the grocery store. Living in the Cenral Valley, it is pretty easy to buy locally. Unfortunate people in other parts of the Unitd States do not have that luxury. My parents live in Seattle and almost all of their vegetables and fruits are from the Central Valley. We are really lucky to live here where we can so easily support our local farmers.