Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Road to Kyoto

Though the road to Kyoto started in the year of 1985 where evaulations of the climate changes were happening, the Kyoto Protocol was not negotiated until Dec. 11,1997 in Kyoto, Japan( hence the name). It basically targeted the reduction of greenhouse gases that were being emitted in developed countries which aided in the global climate change. Also the countries that were involved in the protocol would participate in different stratagies such as emissions trading. Emission trading basically is where the developed countries in which secreet the most greenhouse gases would by permits, and traded credits from the developing countries that do not have a high cost in reducing their pollution. By doing this it would help reuce pollution in hope to reduce the rate of the climate change. The UN had realized that pollution was becoming a huge issue, they wanted to reduce CO2 emissions by 2005 to 20 percent below those of 1988.
The United States and Australia were not in agreement with the Kyoto Protocol. This Kyoto Protocol was a good step in taking action to reduce the effects of the greenhouse gases it has on Earth.

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