Monday, December 10, 2007


On December 7, the Fresno bee reeported that Chukchansi resort and casino has received a permit to that allows treated waste water to be discharged unto coarsegold creek. Many locals and residents who live downstream protested at the first talk of this idea. The casino had been tied up in courst for months due to opposition but a casino representative claims that the pernit will not be used immediately. The casino is also in development of adding an 11 story hotel tower, raising questions of the reason for the water permit. Chanel Wright, a spokewoman for the casino stated, "Chukchansi Gold resort and Casino has no intentions of discharging water at this time, the permit is merely a measure the casino is taking in the event the water discharge is needed." The permit takes effect January 4th. This causes a major problem for organic farmers because they must certify that they dont use recylced water.

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