Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kyoto Protocol: Austrailia Ratifies

As of December 3, 2007, Australia ratified the Kyoto Protocol after more than a decade of opposition. This leaves the United States as the only country not involved in this world fight over global warming. George W. Bush did not want to be included in this program because of some of the inconsistencies between the requirements of the developed and undeveloped countries.
I am willing to bet that in the next election a democrat is going to be president and will probably ratify this protocol. I think like most political issues in the United States, the political parties are split down the middle, not thinking about the entire picture or compromise but what is best for themselves. The Kyoto Protocol would require us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions below levels specified in the Treaty. “These targets must be met within a five-year time frame between 2008 and 2012, and add up to a total cut in GHG emissions of at least 5% against the baseline of 1990.”

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