Monday, December 10, 2007

Valley Air Quality Improving

Although this news piece may be two months old, I still found this to be very intriguing. According to a news piece on KSEE 24, our valley air quaility is the best it has been in the last thirty years, which I personally think is amazing considering that we do live in the Central Valley where a lot of the pollution settles. According to this article ozone violations have gone down almost in half since 2002. I think that this kind of news gives those who live in this area some hope that our air quality can and will improve even more in the years to come. What do you think? What do you think has caused this improvement of air quality?

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tha phay said...

I don't think the valley air quality is improving. I mean how can it be better, if every year there is an increase in the human population? We all know that when there is an increase in human population, there is also an increase in pollution. There’s got to be a reason why they are making this claim. Look at the following statement that I got from the website you provided, “In particular Valley air experts say they hope by showing this kind of progress they can obtain more money from Washington and from Sacramento to further improve the Valley's air.” I think it is just all about getting more money. Did you really think they are going to use the money toward improving our air? And what improvement in the Valley’s air have you seen so far? I never see and hear of nothing and anything.